About Us

SYKOPERFORMANCE is the brainchild of innovative custom car builder, Gary Narusawa. With over 20 years of custom car building experience, he is now supplying the industry with a new line of performance products. He is a leader in Nissan RB series engine conversions, with over 6 years experience in this specialized field.
"I am a firm believer in producing quality parts that offer the consumer the highest level of performance at a competitive price. Coming from a grass roots racing background, I've always found creative ways to go fast with limited resources. My formula for this was to adapt and fabricate whatever I needed, relying on my ingenuity rather than my check book. My passion for building and racing cars has brought me to where I am today. Utilizing what I've learned from my past experiences on the drag strip and circuit courses, my products are designed to maximize function as well as form. As a racer, I understand the rigorous conditions these parts will be performing under. I do not believe in sacrificing quality for the sake of reducing costs. Whether you are a Drifter, Drag Racer, or hoping to win the next Time Attack, by purchasing SYKO PERFORMANCE products you can be assured you will receive the level of quality and performance needed to give you a competitive edge."
---Gary Narusawa- Founder of SYKOPERFORMANCE